bang on my drum header

It seems like that’s all I ever wanted to do…
          (just ask any teacher I had after 3rd grade)

To find out if I’m banging a drum anywhere and which drum it might be (the kit or with the drumline)
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I’ve also included a look back at past playdates since it’s always fun to look back and see who I was playing with when…
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But first…

Here’s a look at just what I’m banging on and some other info that might be of interest to some…

My kit is built around Sonor drums…

I carry several snares (see below) – my current favorite is a 12″ Pork Pie ‘Little Squealer’…

Everything on the kit mounts on a custom designed rack based on two Gibraltar Stealth Racks…

In the fall of 2016 I switched from Aquarian to Evans heads
and it’s made a tremendous difference in the sound of the kit – especially the toms…

I added a Kat Percussion KTMP1 Multipad in 2014 and replaced it with a Roland SPD-SX in 2016…

Shortly after moving to the Roland pad I retired my aluminum chime rack
(that never EVER made it into a live mix) and began using a sample instead…

I use a mixed bag of Zildjian and Kasza cymbals that I’ve selected and assembled over the years –
some of the Zildjians I’ve had since the late ’70’s…

DW kick and cable hi-hat pedals and a Roland KT-10 trigger pedal (this thing is a beast)…

I’d used  Vic Firth SD1 Generals for as long as I can remember now (and still do on lighter volume gigs)
but as my playing became more ‘aggressive’ shall we say I needed something beefier – not heavier, just a little thicker
and I fell in love with the Zildian Rock or Rock Dip sticks…
Then in early 2019 I was visiting my local Parkway and stumbled on an interesting stick…
a signature stick by a drummer I hadn’t heard of but boy do I know him now…
I am totally hooked and in love with the Vic Firth Danny Carey signature stick (drummer for the band Tool)!!

Look closely at the taper in the grip… feels great in my hand!!

All drums, cymbals and hardware are stored in Protechtor cases…
the drums and key hardware also have quilted bags custom made by my Mom.

In April 2017 I added a Digital Drumdial Tuner to the mix (because tuning be ear can be difficult in noisy rooms)…

This is very close to being my ‘dream kit’… I think the ‘dream’ would be if I didn’t have to move it, set it up or break it down… 🙂

Many thanks to the following companies
who, though they may not have any clue as to who I am,
have been instrumental shall we say in my continued success.

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