I don’t know if it’s my age, my desire to do things the ‘right way’, my selectivity and lack of desire to start over and play tiny dumps for $100 and try to pack while brawls break out… maybe it’s my hard-nosed work ethic or maybe something in my playing that I’ve yet to identify (my tempos and timing returned to ‘normal’ a year after leaving FE)… maybe it’s something about me personally that I need to improve… but I’m anxious to be playing full time again… my eyes are always open and I’m in great health so, fingers crossed, this is the year I get back out there!!

January… Tick tock, tick tock… 🙂

February… I’m considering a smaller kit and lowering my expectations… tick tock, tick tock… 🙂

March… I’ve reached out to a couple fledgling groups with no members I’ve ever heard of… no response…

April… Still nothing… I’m still getting dates from the last touring group I’m on call for as a sub which is nice… no one in these parts is interested which is about right… 🙂